Hygiene/Periodontal Cleanings

We have wonderful, highly trained hygienists at Palmetto Dental, for your professional cleanings. Dr. Grooters will diagnose the type of cleaning you need at your first appointment. Your services will be customized just for you with a hygiene program that includes monitoring your overall dental health. It is important that you sustain good daily home care, so we will instruct you on the proper way to care for your teeth and gums. In some cases, we may discuss with you other preventative treatments such as fluoride or sealants where appropriate. You can also discuss our various teeth whitening options that we provide in-office or at home with your hygienist.

You can also expect the hygienist will take annual digital x-rays and every 3-5 years, will take a full-mouth x-ray called a Panoramic x-ray. Dr. Grooters will also do a thorough oral examination to look for any issues such as broken, chipped or damaged teeth or restorations. He will also examine any issues you are having with grinding, chewing or problems with your bite. He will also check for signs of oral cancer, decay or periodontal disease that may require further treatment. He will also listen to your needs and concerns and discuss those at your appointments.

The mouth is the body’s mirror. Research has linked cavities and periodontal disease with a number of health issues including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, stroke and osteoarthritis. A healthier mouth can be the key to a healthier body. Additionally, health issues and medications may interfere with your oral health, so we will always discuss any medications or health conditions you may have at your check-up in order to provide the best treatment and care for your mouth and body.

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